Dr. Tim Jones and six of his high-school students from the American Preparatory Academy visited the University of Utah’s Center for Neural Interfaces on Friday, May 3, 2019. This three-hour visit included a one-hour overview lecture from Dr. Gregory Clark, a professor of Biomedical Engineering and a two-hour interactive lab tour led by Jacob George, a graduate student in Dr. Clark’s lab. During the interactive lab tour, the students were able to demo a variety of ongoing developments in the Center for Neural Interfaces. The students also performed a teaching exercise that allowed them to control a bionic arm with their thoughts!  The students learned that their desire to move their arm originates as electrical activity in their brain that is then transmitted through their spinal cord to the muscles in their forearm. Each student had adhesive electrodes attached to their forearms that recorded the electrical activity in their muscles.  The students were able to observe the electrical activity of their muscles and then discovered how that activity can be translated into a control signal for a virtual bionic arm. The students then paired up to work together to complete a various tasks with the mind-controlled bionic arms. Funding for this outreach event was provided by Dr. Gregory Clark (lab personnel & various lab demos) and Dr. Christopher Butson (teaching exercise).