Butson Lab Receives Approval for International Neuromodulation Registry

The Butson Lab will be able to expand the scope of its research thanks to a recent Institutional Review Board approval for an International Neuromodulation Registry.

This registry will play a significant role in both internal and external research on neuromodulation therapy.  All data will be coded and stripped until it represents a HIPAA limited dataset so that the registry can ultimately be shared with other researchers.

This registry will act as a repository for imaging and clinical data related to patients undergoing neuromodulation therapy from around the world.  It will eventually facilitate larger studies than those currently possible if data came from a single institution.  The registry will also allow a wide range of projects on the scale of case series to population studies.

One of the more general goals for research using this registry is to explore sources of variability in outcomes for neuromodulation therapy patients.  Researchers in the Butson Lab, as well as collaborators, will combine image analysis techniques, computational methods and the aggregated clinical metadata (including patient diagnosis, type of neuromodulation therapy and settings) to better understand patient outcomes.

If you are interested in contributing data, please contact Dr. Chris Butson at: butson@sci.utah.edu.