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The Butson lab at the university of Utah is supported by:

NIH R01, NR014852, “Mobile Decision Support System for Nurse Management of Neuromodulation Therapy”

            Principal Investigators: Christopher R. Butson, PhD; Michael S. Okun MD (Multi-PI)

            Agency:  National Institute of Nursing Research

            Project Period: 2/1/15 - 1/31/20

NIH 1UH3NS095554, “Central thalamic stimulation for traumatic brain injury”

Principal Investigators: Christopher R. Butson, PhD; Nicholas Schiff, MD; Joseph Giacino, PhD; Jaimie Henderson, MD; Andre Machado, MD (Multi-PI)

            Agency:  National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke

            Project Period: 9/20/15 - 8/31/20

NIH P41GM103545, “Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing”

            Principal Investigators: Chris Johnson, PhD; Rob MacLeod, PhD; Ross Whitaker, PhD

            Co-Investigator: Christopher R. Butson, PhD

            Agency: National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Project Period: 8/2015 - 4/2020

NIH SIG S10, "From genomics to natural language processing: A protected environment for research computing in the health sciences"

     Principal Investigator: Thomas Cheatham PhD (Director of CHPC), University of Utah

     CHPC Protected Environment Policy & Allocation Committee Member: Christopher R. Butson PhD


Daedalus Fund, “Central Thalamic Tract Stimulation for Modulating use and Capacity of Cognitive Resources”

     Principal Investigator: Jonathan Baker PhD, Weill Cornell Medical College

     Co-Investigators: Christopher R. Butson PhD, University of Utah

     Project Period: 9/2017 - 8/2019


"Virtual Neurophysiology Workbench"

Principal Investigator:  Christopher R. Butson, PhD

agency:  University of Utah Teaching Grant

Project Period:  2016 - 2020+




nihms171239f1  2010.jpg